A-BEN-A-QUI, An Amazing, Environmentally Safe & Natural All Purpose Cleaner

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Before we get started, a few notes on pricing:

  • We sell the 20 oz. tub size vs. the 12 oz. size found elsewhere
  • Given the density of the product, shipping costs are high.  The more tubs per shipment, the lower per tub shipping cost.
  • To pass the quantity savings along, we offer 3 purchasing options all of which include domestic USPS Priority Mail Shipping.
    • 1 Tub:  $18.95
    • 2 Tubs:  $31.50 ($15.75 / each)
    • 4 Tubs: $57.00 ($14.25 / each)
  • Please contact us at per4mancegear@gmail.com if you require higher volumes.

A-Ben-A-Qui is an all purpose, environmentally safe cleaning paste originally developed in the 1950's to clean white wall tires at service stations along the East coast of the U.S.  Today A-Ben-A-Qui has evolved into a multi-purpose cleaning paste for virtually any type of hard surface.  This product is truly amazing.  We use it on our boat (which is our home) to clean everywhere from the engine room to the galley, the hull to the stainless rails and even the inflatable dinghy.  We use it confident in knowing we aren't putting harsh chemicals into the bay.

A-Ben-A-Qui ingredients are simple, Feldspar Powder, Sodium Tallowate, Quartz, Sodium Carbonate, Glycerin & Sodium Chloride.  A-Ben-A-Qui has no chlorinated solvents as certified by the Totally Chlorine Free Products Association.  Safe for surfaces, the user and everyone who comes into contact with the cleaned surface.

Why Paste?

  • Avoiding aerosols and thinning agents helps us stay green
  • Paste allows for spot cleaning whereas aerosols and sprays are difficult to control where they land and leave a mist in the air
  • Paste allows for a fine abrasive to be included in the paste giving it amazing cleaning power
  • Paste is economical as it provides the most concentrated form providing high performance cleaning with a small volume of product.  A little goes a long way!
  • Paste won't run and therefore is very useful on vertical surfaces, overheads, odd shapes, etc.

A-Ben-A-Qui Can Be Used On A Wide Variety of Surfaces, Including, But Not Limited To;

 Plastic Fiberglass
Stainless Steel Aluminum
Glass Ceramic
Vinyl Rubber 
Anodized Metal Laminates
Painted Surfaces Stone / Marble
Chromed Metal Copper
Brass Porcelain


Applications are Wide & Varied... A Few Are Listed Here:

Removing Graffiti  Cleaning Boat Decks & Hulls 
Cleaning Inflatable Dinghys Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances
Cleaning Chromed Rails on Boats Removing Rust Stains
Removing Stains and Buildup on Glass Cleaning Galley Appliances 
Cleaning Scuff Marks on Walls / Bulkheads Cleaning Sinks
Cleaning Toilets Cleaning Tile / Grout
Cleaning White Boards White Walls On Classic Cars... 


A-Ben-A-Qui was recently reviewed on Tech Crunch...

Before & After

We're in the process of putting our 1988 Mercedes 560 SL up for sale.  I took it to the car wash today and brought it back to the warehouse.  The wheels were crusty with brake dust so I used a spray on cleaner.  It was really noxious and took 5 applications just to knock off the heavy stuff.  No matter what I did, I could not get it fully cleaned and shiny.  So I decided to try A-Ben-A-Qui and within 5 minutes the entire wheel was shiny and good as new.  I wish I would have tried it in the beginning as it is a dream to work with.  No noxious odors and I used only about 1~2 ozs. at most to clean this wheel.

Wheel Before A-Ben-A-Qui and after 5 Applications of a Spray On Wheel Cleaner

After 5 Minutes of Light Cleaning With A-Ben-A-Qui

Pitted Area With Brake Dust Before A-Ben-A-Qui

Same Area After A-Ben-A-Qui

More Before & Afters to come...

Available in 20 Oz. tubs... 





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