DexShell® Windproof & Breathable Alpine Contrast Waterproof Glove CLEARANCE!


A stylish, all around performing waterproof, windproof & breathable glove designed for a wide range of sport and daily use related outdoor activities where keeping hands warm and dry is important.  The Invista® Thermolite inner glove is specifically designed to maximize warmth and moisture wicking while being light weight.

The Alpine Contrast Gloves' outer shell  features a high performing combination of nylon (88%), Spandex (2%) and elastics (10%) resulting in our best fitting glove to date.  The Porelle®  interlining membrane is incredibly waterproof, yet breathable.  The inner glove is constructed from Invista® Thermolite yarns (95%), nylon (2%), Spandex (1%) and elastics (2%) providing incredible warmth in a comfortable fitting glove.

  • Available Colors:  
    • Alpine Contrast Pattern with Grip Dots
  • Available Sizes
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • DexShell waterproof gloves are available in three sizes (S, M & L).  Use the method below to determine the best size for your hand.  Remember that no two hands are alike and finger length relative to palm size ranges from person to person.  Contact us if the size you choose doesn't work for you.

      Hold a flexible tape measure and measure around the largest part of your hand.


 Size Measurement European Size U.S. / Canada Size
Small 18 ~ 20 cm (7" ~ 7.9") 7 7
Medium 20 ~ 23 cm (7.9" ~ 9") 8 9
Large 23 ~ 25 cm (7.9" ~ 9.8") 9 11


  • Features:
    • Seamless and waterproof
    • Stylish Pattern
    • Close fitting
    • Moisture wicking
    • Lightweight
    • Warm
  • Uses:
    • Jogging
    • Walking
    • Hiking 
    • Birding
    • Trekking
    • Camping
    • Sailing
    • Motorboating
    • Motorcycling
    • Cycling
    • Travel / Daily Use...


  • The Durable Outer Shell deflects wind and water molecules
  • The Porelle Middle Membrane is specially engineered to allow smaller sweat based vapor molecules to escape while preventing larger water molecules to enter
  • The Breathable Inner Layer is both highly insulating and highly breathable, allowing sweat based vapor molecules to pass while maintaining a balanced temperature

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