SolarBag® Solar Activated Water Purification

SolarBag®....the world's first portable, solar activated water purification system that can completely purify 3 litres of water in 2~3 hours on a sunny day and 4~6 hours on a cloudy day.  SolarBag® is the only non-powered, non-chemical device to exceed both the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION HIGHLY PROTECTIVE and U.S. EPA water purification standards.

SolarBag® utilizes an advanced photocatalytic nanotechnology coated mesh contained inside the bag that, when activated by sunlight, purifies water on a molecular level.  The photocatalytic process breaks contaminants into basic molecules such as water and carbon dioxide.  This innovative technology actually destroys organic contaminants thereby eliminating pathogens such as bacteria and viruses; rather than merely trapping and concentrating them as typical "filter" based systems do.  SolarBag® also adsorbs heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury.  Finally, space age technology brought back to earth and made simple, portable and effective for the benefit of all.

In January, 2013, World Water Magazine said, "The SolarBag® is the only water purifier that's proven it can remove virtually every lethal toxin found in contaminated water, including gasoline, diesel fuel, pesticides, herbicides, toxic heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, and pharmaceuticals like artificial hormones and animal antibiotics."


  • Requires NO electricity
  • Adds NO chemicals
  • Destroys contaminants
  • Removes pathogens, heavy metals and man made chemicals
  • Is portable
  • Up to 500 uses per bag
  • Costs pennies per litre over its lifetime



SolarBag®... Simple To Use

  FILL.... SolarBag® with ~3.5 litres of non-salinated water from any source being sure to use the included pre-filter.  Place SolarBag® in direct sunlight.

 PURIFY.... The water is purified in 2~3 hours on a sunny day and 4~6 hours on a cloudy day or if the water is "tea" colored.  The enclosed blue indicator should be used and will tell you when the water is ready to drink.  


DRINK.... safe, purified water.  Simple instructions, no moving parts, a SolarBag® is one of the easiest-to-use, portable, versatile and effective water purifiers available.

@ 7am / San Diego, California USA / April


Water taken directly from a marina hose.  A single drop of the included "Pur-Blu" is added.  "Pur-Blu" is a non-toxic, highly complex molecule that is difficult to break down.  Once the blue disappears from the water, you know the water is now purified.

@ 11am / San Diego, California USA / April


The blue is gone and the water is now purified and tastes amazingly good.  No power, no chemicals... clean, safe water...

SolarBag® ... Award Winning & In The News ...

 Global Hardware Innovation Award

 National Grand Prize Winner Best Cleantech Business


 The Importance of Water

 Selected to the Global Cleantech 100

 "Securing Water For Food" 2014 Award Winner 

SolarBag® In Action

SolarBag®'s are in use in over 55 countries in regions that have hazardous and contaminated well water, surface water or rain water sources.  SolarBag is proving itself to be a life saving tool in remote villages, refugee camps, high density urban areas and disaster zones such as the massive earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015.  

SolarBag® Closer To Home

Uses for SolarBag® are limitless.  Following are just a few areas where SolarBag® can and are used;

  • Expeditions
  • Home, Office, Car, Boat, Plane Disaster Preparedness Kits.  SolarBag® has a 7 year shelf life
  • Remote, Off Grid Living
  • International Travel
  • Remote Travel
  • RV Travel
  • Outdoor Recreation such as Trekking, Camping, Mountain Climbing
  • Yachting / Sailing / World Cruising.  Don't use precious fuel to boil water for drinking.  SolarBag® can do the job in as little as 3 hours.  We use SolarBag® in our liveaboard life to purify water taken straight from the marina's dock water system.  No more buying and lugging heavy bottles of water from the store.  We have friends leaving soon to cruise Mexico and gave them a SolarBag® to take.  Their response, "this is the best gift anyone could have given us."
  • Help For The Homeless
  • and on and on.... 


SolarBag® Tested & Approved

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • University of Arizona / To U.S. EPA Guidelines
  • Ministry of Water & Irrigation / Kenya
  • Kanagawa Academy of Science & Technology (KAST) / Japan
  • Istanbul Technical University / Turkey
  • People of the world...


SolarBag® The Science Behind The Magic

Click this sentence for detailed information on the technology designed into SolarBag®



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